Information Design

The first step in building your new system.

Information design is the skill and practice of presenting information so people can use it with efficiency and effectiveness. Without this planning step your customer conversion and retention are at risk.

When developing an online presence Fusion Developers provides the following road map for determining the appropriate information design for your application:

  1. User Persona Analysis
  2. Product Life-cycle Analysis
  3. Customer Retention / Turnover
  4. Customer Referral Rates

After all of this analysis is done Fusion Developers moves into the user experience phase. Generally, this step is overlooked during the site design phase.  This can lead to inappropriate user interface or elements shoved into a design as an afterthought.  Without the appropriate priority on the user interface design step a beautiful design can become a very unusable system.  Our uniques methods for iterative user interaction design provides the most appropriate user interaction model and the most usable end product.

To learn more about our steps, and our outcomes.  Contact Us for a specialized application development consultation.